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Connection Boards for GMSL Evaluation Kits

NV061-R / NV061-Q
  We developed two boards to connect the Analog Devices GMSL EV kits and our SV series boards.
  The first one is "NV061-R", which is for connecting the Serializer EVKIT and our MIPI generator SVO-03-MIPI. The other is "NV061-Q", for the Deserializer EVKIT and our monitoring board SVM-06.


As shown below, if you have the EVKIT, you can easily evaluate ICs.
GMSL Serializer evaluation

GMSL Deserializer evaluation
It is also possible to evaluate by connecting Serializer and Deserializer as shown below.

NV061-R and NV061-Q can also be directly connected.
Side view

NV061-R (PDF)
NV061-Q (PDF)

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