2. SVseries
  3. Image generator : SVO-02

Image generator : SVO-02


・Image Generator : SVO-02
  --Camera emulator which supplies image processing equipment and ASIC emulator with the test vector
  -- SVI and the composition execute the same and opposite operation ,32 boards of operation are possible at one PC.
・Basic function  
 --Real-time output of the image
 --Image file : HDD or Onboard-memory
 --Picture size : 32 M (16 bits level ,16 bits vertical)

・Connection with the equipment
 --HOST(PC) interface : USB2.0
 -- Target interface : 8-16 bits : YUV, RGB, Raw data, JPEG etc
 --Data setting
 --Timing data : HSYNC, VSYNC, PCLK, DATA etc
 -- Added data : Blanking area and so on
 --Output-frequency : It is possible to set optionally while emulating an actual device.
 --Voltage adjustment : 1.25 -4.0V 2ch、Clock adjusting (external or internal) >