2. SVseries
  3. Monitor board : SVM-02

Monitor board : SVM-02


・Monitor board : The SV series
  --Outputs a digital image just as it is at the monitor.
  -- Is used with SVI or SVO.

・Basic function  
 --Input picture
  ・8 bits : YUV4:2:2(YUYV)
  ・16 bits : The Y-8 bits, UV-8bits
  ・Number of pixels : -1600H x -1200 V(MAX)

 --Output-signal (1600x1200 monitor specification)t
   ・Synchronizing-frequency : HD-75KHz, VD-60 Hz
   ・Dot clock : 162 MHz
   ・Blanking period : H-BLK-3.457μs, V-BLK-0.667ms
 --Added function
  ・Frame rate display : Right downside at the screen
  ・1/2 reduced display mode (It is viewable to the 3200x2400 pixel).
  ・Connect-acknowledge : Test pattern output
  ・Electrical-power-application : AC adapter 5V or SVI’s VDDH

・SVM-02 (order-made)  
 --Output-signal (1280x1024 monitor specification)
  ・Synchronizing-frequency: HD-64,904Hz, VD-60.885Hz, Dot clock-108 MHz