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Image recorder SVI-06(USB3.0 version)

SVI06 is image inspection & development support equipment of the portable type. In SVI-06, input of image sensor 2ch is possible with one piece of board.
  ・Digital image verification system : SVI-06
     --Image and the system of the digital image to verify in the corrugation
        -- Four boards of operation are possible at one PC.
  ・Image evaluation : CIF, VGA, 1080P(1920x1080), QXGA(2048x1536)
      --Function test: Specialized to evaluate a digital image  
      -- Picture size: 32 M (16 bits level, 16 bits vertical)
  ・Real-time display of the digital image  
     --Display example: 1080P (1920x1080)-30fps up SVI-06-2
-- Frame memory: 256MB  
          ・Double buffer or Ring buffer mode
  ・Target control (I2C etc.)
     --The real-time setting of an image size, a transfer rate, a data  format and so on
     -- I/O pin control: In - 8 bits, Out - 8 bits (SPI, synchronisms tightly usable).
  ・ Connection with the equipment
       --HOST (PC) interface: USB3.0 (EZ-USB-FX3/Cypress)
       --Target interface: 8-16 bits: YUV, RGB, Raw data etc.
     --Voltage adjusting : 1.25 -4.0V 2ch、Clock adjusting (external or internal)
Image Recorder provides the complete development support kit for image sensor inspection. In recent years, high resolution image sensor has been rapidly improved by the advent of CMOS sensors, along with it, image processing technology typified by EDoF (Extended Depth of Field) and face recognition also has started adopting variedly in the industry.
  Not only for the Mobile Phones and Digital Cameras but also in the areas of Navigation System, FA and ITS, the use of the image sensor has expanded.SVI-06 Image Recorder SVI-06 is a solution with Cypress EZ-USBR FX3? USB3.0 Device Controller for these leading-edge CMOS sensors. The data transfer with SVI-06 to the PC speed up about 10 times faster comparing to SVI-03 of USB2.0 Image Recorder.
According to in-house test, the video image with 1080p at 30 fps (HDTV-V 1920 x 1080 H) can be displayed simultaneously on host PC. Image Recorder SV series sold approximately 3,000 sets in seven years domestic and overseas.
SV series can be connected to almost every manufacturers of image sensor as their record including major CMOS sensor suppliers such as Aptina, OmniVision and Sony.
The image sensor interface provides not only 8-24 bit parallel signaling as YUV, RGB and RAW but also the serial signaling corresponding to MIPI, Sub-LVDS and so on.

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