2. SVseries
  3. Image recorder SVI-03

Image recorder SVI-03


・Digital image verification system : SVI-03
  --Image and the system of the digital image to verify in the corrugation
  -- Four boards of operation are possible at one PC.
・Image evaluation : CIF, VGA, QXGA(2048x1536)  
 --Function test: Specialized to evaluate a digital image
 -- Picture size : 32 M (16 bits level ,16 bits vertical)

・Real-time display of the digital image
 --Display example : VGA(640x480)-30fps up
 -- Frame memory : 128MB(MAX_256MB)
     ・Double buffer or Ring buffer mode

・Target control (I2C etc)
 --The real-time setting of an image size, a transfer rate, a data format and so on
 -- I/O pin control : In - 8 bits, Out - 8 bits (SPI, synchronisms tightly usable).

・ Connection with the equipment
 --HOST(PC) interface : USB2.0
 --Target interface : 8-16 bits : YUV, RGB, Raw data etc
 --Voltage adjusting : 1.25 -4.0V 2ch、Clock adjusting (external or internal)