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image processing introduction/SDK

・Additional of the functions for the image processing introduction
--2ch simultaneous display
・It uses one board of SVI-06, there is an image synthesis and it displays a solid image at one PC monitor.  
-- Display style : Stereo-view or 3D-view
--Monitor : SVImon-3D private monitor

--Pattern matching
・It recognizes the image which was specified by the normalization correlation and it pursues a recognition image according to the movement of the object.

--Making a binary
・It changes at the value (white level, black-level). It displays monitoring images which were the .ini file and it displays.

--Lens shading
・It changes at the step, the threshold value to have set a monitoring image to with the .ini file and it provides a lens focus revision feature.   

Notes: The brand name and company name which were indicated are a trademark of each company. These data may be changed without a preliminary announcement for specification change.